Apple unveils software updates, including VisionOS, that are expected to revolutionize spatial computing

In addition to the announcement of Apple Intelligence, Apple has rolled out significant software updates to all of its products. These include VisionOS, the operating system on which Vision Pro runs, reflecting Apple’s ambitious efforts to revolutionize spatial computing.

VisonOS 2

According to Apple, there are over 2,000 apps available in the App Store specifically for Apple Vision Pro, including over 1.5 million compatible apps for iPhone and iPad. These apps run on Vision OS, which received its first major update with Vision OS 2.

Vision OS 2 introduces advanced photography features that generate 3D photos from 2D images using machine learning. New gestures make it easier to navigate in Vision Pro, and Mac Virtual Display improvements offer higher resolution and ultra-wide displays to boost productivity.

Apple has made it simpler to create spatial content for iPhone 15 Pro users. Canon will introduce a spatial lens for the EOS R7 camera, and new professional solutions will appear in the fall. Apple Immersive Video offers 180° 8K recordings with surround sound, as well as new content, including the Red Bull series and an Edward Burer short film, available in the TV app.

Apple Vision Pro and Vision OS will be available on June 28 in China, Japan and Singapore, and on July 12 in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

iOS 18

iOS 18 introduces extensive customization options, improved connectivity, and enhanced privacy controls to personalize and secure your iPhone experience. Users can lock apps, hide sensitive apps, and control apps’ access to contacts and accessories.

News gets new Tapback options, schedules, text formatting and satellite news. Mail improves management with on-device categorization. Maps includes detailed topographic maps and offline hiking routes to US national parks. Wallet adds “Tap to Cash” and new Apple Pay methods.

The Journal app updates your mood recording and goal tracking, and Game Mode enhances your gaming performance. Photos have been completely redesigned for better organization and quick access to your memories. Overall, iOS 18 improves the user experience through customization, connectivity, and privacy while updating key apps.

Sound and home:

AirPods Pro will feature voice isolation to ensure clear call quality by removing background noise. Personalized surround sound will also extend to games, with Need for Speed ​​​​Mobile being one of the first titles to use this technology.

For tvOS and Apple TV, the new Insight feature provides real-time information about actors, character names and songs while watching Apple Originals. Enhanced dialogue clarity, automatic subtitles and support for 21:9 projectors provide a cinema-like experience. New screensavers include the “Portraits” category and animations with Snoopy and Woodstock.

watchOS 11

Apple WatchOS 11 introduces new features to improve fitness, health and connectivity. The training load feature measures training intensity and duration, advising users to avoid exhaustion or injury based on heart rate and personal metrics. Users can adjust these ratings to get accurate ratings.

The new Vitals app tracks key vital signs while you sleep, offering daily health updates and highlighting abnormal indicators. For pregnant women, cycle tracking now shows gestational age and displays health information.

Connectivity is improved with an improved Smart Stack, new widgets, live activity support, and a Double Tap API for app-specific actions. The redesigned Photos face uses machine learning to select and crop the best photos, making your watch face more personal.

iPadOS 18

Apple’s iPadOS 18, powering the latest iPad lineup, boosts productivity and creativity with new features. Brings iOS personalization options like customizable home screens and control centers. Notable updates include a floating tab bar for easier navigation and improved interfaces for apps like Pages and Keynote, offering smoother animations and responsiveness. Developers can integrate these elements into their applications.

Apple Pencil has major improvements with Math Notes, which converts handwritten equations into real-time solutions and graphs, and a new calculator app. The Freeform app now includes “scenes,” allowing users to present sections of the board one by one to work together. Handwriting in Notes has been improved with Smart Script, which uses machine learning to enhance handwritten text, integrate typed text, check spelling, and dynamically adjust text. Overall, iPadOS 18 elevates the iPad with improved app functionality and advanced Apple Pencil capabilities.

macOS Sequoia

Apple announced macOS Sequoia. Sequoia uses Apple silicon to introduce features such as iPhone mirroring for seamless control from your Mac. Math messages, maps and notes improve significantly and become more expressive and functional. Enhanced Continuity provides better integration between Apple devices.

Safari updates improve content discovery and privacy with highlights and a browser that lets you browse without distractions. Mac gaming gets even better with a suite of game porting tools and new titles like Assassin’s Creed Shadows that use Apple Metal technology for superior performance.