Yahoo Mail includes AI-generated email summaries to help you manage your inbox and tasks

Yahoo Mail has introduced new artificial intelligence capabilities in its desktop version to improve email and task management.

The most notable feature is AI-generated email summaries, which contain concise bulleted lists that highlight proposed tasks and actions. You can see these summaries in the new Priorities tab. The word itself prioritizes the most important emails in your memory.

At first glance, you can immediately see where the inspiration came from: Gmail’s own AI summaries. However, Yahoo’s version is based on a desktop app, while Gmail is designed for mobile app users.

Also note that you can access the Yahoo version for free, while the Gmail version is hidden behind a paywall.

Quick action buttons for increased productivity

Yahoo Mail includes AI-generated email summaries to help you manage your inbox and tasks

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Yahoo is adapting to an AI-powered world with new AI features in its Yahoo Mail desktop app. These features will help simplify your inbox management.

In addition to AI-powered summaries, Yahoo Mail now includes quick action buttons in your inbox. These buttons allow users to quickly add events to their calendars, check in for flights, and track shipments directly from email. Moreover, the update aims to increase productivity by reducing the number of steps needed to manage email tasks.

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Panel with permanent star view

According to The Verge, Yahoo Mail has also introduced a new permanent “starred view” panel. This panel allows users to quickly access their most important tasks and emails they want to return to.

With easy access to important emails, users can stay organized and productive without having to search through their inbox.

Integration with other email accounts

Another revolutionary update is the ability to connect Yahoo Mail to other email accounts such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and AOL. This integration allows users to send and receive emails from multiple accounts within Yahoo Mail, offering a centralized platform to manage all email communications.

Who can be the first to benefit from Yahoo’s AI features?

These new features are available to new users in the US and will be rolled out to existing US users on an opt-in basis starting today. Yahoo Mail plans to expand these features to its mobile app in the near future, ensuring a consistent experience across all devices.

Yahoo is no stranger to AI improvements

It is worth writing that Yahoo Mail is no longer new on the AI ​​scene. Last summer, the platform introduced several generative AI capabilities. These included an improved search mode, a Shopping Save feature that helps users find forgotten gift cards and discount codes, and a writing assistant that helps create emails with the right tone.

“People want better ways to streamline everyday activities that often overwhelm us, like managing multiple email accounts, organizing schedules, reading long emails, and tracking orders. The new features we’re introducing are designed to make life even better for everyone who uses email,” said Kyle Miller, vice president of product at Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail’s latest updates, which include AI-generated summaries, quick action buttons, a persistent star panel, and integration with other email accounts, are designed to increase user productivity and simplify email management.

More email companies are expected to follow the lead of Gmail and Yahoo in terms of email and task management. New features give users the tools to manage email and tasks more efficiently.

Meanwhile, Tech Times reports that by 2030, Europeans will use “tokens” instead of card numbers on their Mastercard credit/debit cards.

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