Sector C – 95 Recovery

Interstate 95 from the Delaware state line to the Girard Point Bridge

I-95 Sector C

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) welcomes you to the I-95 Sector C website! Here you can learn about transportation plans and projects in Delaware County and Southwest Philadelphia.

Sector C is one of four project target areas along I-95 in Pennsylvania. This section covers approximately 25 miles of I-95 from the Delaware state line to the Girard Point Bridge. Between 96,000 and 250,000 vehicles use this portion of I-95 daily. This stretch of I-95 can carry up to three times as many people as Lincoln Financial Field in one day!

PennDOT is working on several projects on and near I-95 in Sector C. Planned transport improvements will help people move more safely and more easily. PennDOT works with local communities to understand local needs.

PennDOT incorporates community needs into its road improvement projects and is currently working on the following projects and plans in Sector C of I-95:

  • Noise reduction in Chester: PennDOT plans to design and install noise walls along portions of I-95 in the cities of Chester and Chester Township. The walls will help reduce noise from I-95 and block views of the highway for those living near it.
  • Interstate 476 Improvements: PennDOT is implementing safety and traffic flow improvements on I-476. These include renovations, new signage and “flexible lanes” that will allow people to drive on the hard shoulder during rush hour.
  • I-95/US 322 interchange (Conchester Freeway): PennDOT plans to reconstruct and improve the I-95/US 322 interchange to make it easier for people to reach both highways. The project will improve ramp connections and move the existing left lane of US 322 north toward I-95.
  • Connections to Concord Road business parks: PennDOT plans to make it easier for trucks to access major local highways from business parks on Concord Road. These improvements will reduce the frequency of trucks traveling on local streets in Chester and Aston, Chester and Upper Chichester. The early project will improve interchange between Route 452 and I-95. This will accommodate the expected increase in traffic at Bridgewater Business Park.

PennDOT is working with Delaware County to make State Route 291 in Chester safer for everyone. PennDOT, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) and the County of Delaware will work together to develop improvements that will make driving, walking and biking safer along Route 291.

PennDOT is committed to improving I-95 in Delaware County and Southwest Philadelphia as part of Pennsylvania’s I-95 Overall Reconstruction Plan. The department recently invested $80 million to keep I-95 in Delaware County healthy and operational. Construction of this project was completed in 2023.