Fortinet strengthens its cloud security offering with the acquisition of Lacework

Fortinet acquires cloud security expertise with acquisition of Lacework. Lacework’s CNAPP solution should be integrated with Fortinet products later this year.

Lacework was almost acquired by Wiz earlier this year. However, the acquisition process broke down during due diligence, although no finger was touched on the sore spot. This may have been due to a financial review or a consideration of whether the two companies’ products were a good fit.

This paved the way for other cybersecurity vendors to take advantage of the Lacework opportunity. Fortinet seized the opportunity; no financial details regarding the acquisition have been disclosed. During the acquisition of Wiz, the value of the transaction was estimated at EUR 140–190 million.


Lacework can build Fortinet cybersecurity tools with a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP). According to Fortinet, the platform has unique features to help secure hybrid cloud environments. “In the CNAPP marketplace, most providers help customers contextualize or recognize threats. One vendor stood out from the rest by being able to deliver both solutions on a single, unified, data-driven platform built organically: Lacework.

The platform additionally monitors cloud environments and knows when a hacker tries to exploit them. This is done based on artificial intelligence and gives the user a clear overview of the hacker’s activities.

Fortinet would like to integrate the platform with existing web application protection and application development tools in the event of intrusion attempts.

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