Elon Musk threatens to ban all Apple devices due to the upcoming iOS 18 update

Apple recently held its WWDC event where it revealed what will be included in the long-awaited product iOS 18 updateand its contents really worried Elon Musk.

iOS 18 is Apple’s official step in the artificial intelligence race with the so-called Apple intelligence. The company showed off a slew of new AI-powered features without even saying the word “artificial intelligence” and also announced that ChatGPT will be integrated into iOS 18 to generate images and assist with typing. Apple has made it clear that users can opt out of sending Siri requests to ChatGPT, and users can disable any intelligence features.

Despite these reservations, Musk on his personal X account considered Apple Intelligence’s integration with OpenAI “security threat”, even going so far as to say that user data will be sent to OpenAI, which is not entirely the case. Apple says that for tasks that require more processing power than is available on the device, Apple will either use it Private cloud computingwhich is open for privacy review, or OpenAI but requires additional user confirmation.

However, Musk was not very happy with the upcoming update, regardless of Apple’s objections and privacy strategy, as the Tesla CEO stated that if Apple continues to work on the new software, he will ban all Apple devices from the premises of all his companies. Moreover, Musks said that even visitors to his companies – Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company, Neuralink, xAI – will have to leave their Apple devices at the door, where they will be placed in a Faraday cage. They can be collected on departure.