Firearms policy, electric vehicle sector, market dynamics: a question about trend

In Tuesday’s episode of Asking about a Trend, host Josh Lipton examines gun policy, market dynamics and the growing electric vehicle sector.

Kicking off the show, senior columnist Rick Newman examines the historic performance of the economy under Biden and Trump. Reload company founder Stephen Gutowski then weighs in on gun policy, offering insight into sales trends ahead of the election.

Shifting gears in response to market dynamics, Yahoo Finance’s Jared Blikre joins the show to present key takeaways from the day’s market movements. Next, Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman guides investors through the differences between value and growth investing.

Finally, the show delves into the emerging electric vehicle market. EVPassport co-founder and CEO Hooman Shahidi shares his insight into the industry’s growth trajectory and the need for more infrastructure to support adoption.

This post was written by Angel Smith