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MINNETONKA, Minn., June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pineapple Energy Inc. (“Ananas”), a leading provider of sustainable solar energy and backup power for homes and small businesses, announces that SUNation Energy, a new York subsidiary, has completed two (2) of three (3) renewable energy projects under Shinnecock Nation.

The Shinnecock Indian Nation is a federally recognized tribe of sovereign Native Americans on eastern Long Island.

Of the work completed by SUNation, one project now allows a local tribal elementary school to achieve 100% electricity offsetting through the use of rooftop solar panels and a separate ground-mount system that supports five (5) new homes and a hydrogen fuel cell power center.

As of this writing, SUNation is currently in the final design phase of a $2.5 million, 1 MW ground-mount/carport solar array, pending grant award.

Once completed, the new solar energy will be distributed to accessory buildings and residences on the 800-acre Local Government Reserve. The solar panels used in this project were donated to the Shinnecock Reservation.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide support to a disadvantaged community, leverage and train a local workforce, and revitalize equipment that may have ended up in a landfill,” said Scott Maskin, interim CEO of Pineapple Energy. “The project has the support of our local utility, New York State and all other involved stakeholders. I’m proud to play a role in this and look forward to becoming a model for more nonprofit, for-profit and government entities coming together to provide clean, renewable energy to those most in need.”

“SUNation has been an invaluable partner to our tribe. They continue to support us and creatively provide unique solutions,” added Phillip Brown, director of housing for the Shinnecock Nation. “We expect that as we move closer to self-sufficiency in our facilities, we will continue to reimagine how our residents produce and consume energy. It’s part of our culture and heritage.”

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Ananas is focused on growing leading local and regional solar, storage and energy services companies across the country. Our vision is to support the energy transition through the bottom-up development of solar energy combined with energy storage in batteries. Our portfolio of brands (SUNation Energy, Hawaii Energy Connection, E-Gear, Sungevity and Horizon Solar Power) provides entities in the residential and commercial sectors with a comprehensive product including solar, battery storage and grid services.

About SUNation Energy

SUNation Energy, a Pineapple Energy company, is a solar and energy expert trusted by over 9,000 home, business and municipal owners since 2003 for professional, top-quality equipment installation and exceptional customer service. With offices in Ronkonkoma, New York and Tampa, Florida, SUNation Energy offers comprehensive sustainable energy solutions including residential and commercial solar installations, community solar installations, roofing, backup battery storage, electric vehicle charging and more . Their nonprofit corporation, SUNation Cares, also provides free electricity for life to veterans and their families. SUNation recently achieved platinum status as a 2024 NYSERDA solar installer and is one of five solar companies in New York to achieve platinum status, and the only one on Long Island.


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