ShipBob joins Adobe Commerce as a Gold Technology Partner

ShipBob, the leading global supply chain and fulfillment platform for SMB e-commerce sellers, today announced the launch of Adobe Commerce integration that enables sellers to fulfill Adobe Commerce orders through ShipBob. As a fulfillment partner in the Adobe Gold Technology Partner Program, ShipBob will deliver scalable logistics solutions to Adobe Commerce merchants.

ShipBob’s integration with Adobe Commerce allows sellers to automatically sync products, orders, and shipment tracking for a two-way flow of important data. Sellers can also expand into other retail and online channels with ShipBob and leverage ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers United States, Canada, EuropeAND Australia.

“We are excited to partner with Adobe Commerce,” he said Dhruv Saxena, CEO and co-founder of ShipBob. “Our integration gives merchants unparalleled flexibility and control with solutions tailored to their unique business needs, while ShipBob technology supports their supply chain operations.”

“Adobe expects consumers to spend a record amount 500 billion dollars online in the first half of 2024, which will be a sign of the resilience of the digital economy,” he said Jason Knell, senior director of content and commerce partnerships at Adobe. “As companies scale their operations, having competitive shipping services will be critical to meeting customer expectations.”

“Global scalability and versatility are invaluable to our e-commerce operations as we sell in multiple countries, languages ​​and currencies,” he said Mithu Kuna, CEO of Baby Doppler. “With this integration, we are able to deliver fulfillment around the world.”