Pidge joins ONDC network to expand e-commerce reach

Pidge, one of India’s leading unified logistics platforms, has joined the ONDC network to accelerate e-commerce growth for hyperlocal and same-city deliveries across India. Leveraging Pidge’s extensive network of over 200 regional and country partners, this initiative aims to unlock deeper delivery penetration and support the vision of increasing e-commerce penetration beyond the current 5% in India.

Pidge’s AI-powered technology streamlines last-mile logistics, ensuring 100% end-to-end order fulfillment across industries, in line with ONDC Network’s vision to digitize the entire e-commerce value chain. Its unique offering, Pidge Powered Network (PPN), provides local providers with advanced technology so they can match larger delivery companies by connecting carriers. PPN’s regional presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will further ensure accelerated technology adoption, especially in areas with limited or no accessibility.

“We are excited to integrate with the ONDC network, which will help take India to new heights by expanding the reach of e-commerce to a broader customer base looking for efficient delivery,” says Ratnesh Verma, founder and CEO of Pidge. He further added, “The ONDC network aims to ensure the inclusion of sellers, especially SMEs, as well as other goals that align well with our offering at Pidge.”

T. Koshy, CEO and CEO of ONDC, said: “Pidge’s technology-led approach aligns perfectly with our goal of empowering all types of sellers by providing them with the tools and infrastructure necessary to create a level playing field in the existing e-commerce ecosystem . With Pidge joining the Open Network, small and micro businesses across the country will be able to leverage Pidge’s advanced logistics capabilities and extensive partner network to expand their reach into newer markets.

In line with ONDC Network’s goal of market democratization and decentralized process, Pidge’s intelligent logistics solutions optimize delivery routes and track orders in real time through shared passenger pools (your passengers and Pidge’s trusted partners). This results in faster deliveries and wider coverage.

Merchants will now have the opportunity to leverage the Pidge platform to expand their e-commerce reach through the ONDC network. By facilitating end-to-end online transactions, this approach promotes a sustainable business model. Additionally, it empowers small businesses by increasing reliability, availability and ease of use in India’s diverse value chain.