The Conservative candidate apologizes to voters for the government’s “bad policy.”

The Conservative Party candidate apologized to voters after his party “let them down” but insisted it was “not me” as he tried to become the next MP for Tunbridge Wells.

Neil Mahapatra is bidding to become the next Tory MP for Kent after former cabinet minister Greg Clark announced he would not stand for re-election.

Asked by KentOnline why people should vote for Mahapatra, the businessman focused on the party’s “rain announcements” and “infighting”, adding: “But that’s not me.”

The candidate’s profile reads: ‘Since 2019, the Conservative Party has disappointed: poor policy, worse implementation, internal conflicts. Announcements in the rain.

“We have let you down – we are very sorry.

“But it’s not me. I am a compassionate, forward-thinking conservative.

“Tunbridge Wells has a long history of electing MPs of real stature, capable of representing at local level and influencing at national level. I hope to continue this tradition.”

The former Oxford Union leader, who said he had founded seven companies, added that as an MP he would attract investment for regeneration and job creation, make streets safer for women and “stop the council’s war on drivers”.

He added: “Tunbridge Wells will have no influence on the Liberal Democrat vote and while this may be the case for Labour, they will not be in power for long.

“I will fight for us.”

In response to the comments, a Liberal Democrat source said: “Mr Mahapatra has finally admitted the truth we all already know – the Conservatives have badly failed the country.

“Bad policy, worse implementation and endless internal conflicts. The choice in Tunbridge Wells is clear – the Conservatives or a real local champion with the Liberal Democrats.”

The Conservatives secured a majority of over 14,500 votes in the seat of Tunbridge Wells in the 2019 election.