Neuville’s reaction to the Rally1 regulations decision – and why it matters – DirtFish

By publicly expressing his dissatisfaction with the state of the Championship midway through last season, Neuville lit a fire that now burns brightly in the halls of power. As M-Sport team principal Rich Millener told DirtFish at Rally Italy Sardinia, he has never seen so many changes happen in such a short period of time.

This is a completely different situation to three years earlier, on the eve of the introduction of Rally 1 regulations, when Neuville decried that “the drivers are no longer being listened to”. Today’s announcement – as well as the recent introduction of Scott Martin as the competitor representative on the FIA’s WRC Commission – suggests that things are changing.

“As a driver,” Neuville continued, “I am excited about changes that will not only maintain but also strengthen our relationship with fans around the world, ensuring the sport continues to grow and flourish.”

While changes to the technical regulations have been rejected, added flexibility for rally organizers and the way they design WRC courses is one of several changes to the sporting regulations.