Vanguard furniture increases the use of solar energy

Avant-garde furniture and Pisgah Energy have teamed up again to design and install two roof-mount solar panel designs at Vanguard’s Frame Plant 2 in Conover, North Carolina. These systems, with a total capacity of 188 kWdc, build on Vanguard’s previous solar installations, streamlining conversion to solar energy and reinforcing its commitment to sustainable products and practices, according to a press release.

Vanguard’s Frame Plant 2 currently features 438 solar panels, which augment the building’s capacity and produce more than 267,400 kWh of renewable energy annually for on-site use. With the addition of this array, Vanguard now has a total of 1,590 solar panels across its three facilities, increasing annual renewable energy production from 661,900 kWh to more than 929,000 kWh, company officials said.

The new solar energy system will offset 187 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, increasing Vanguard’s total annual CO2 offset from 469 tonnes to 656 tonnes. According to the news, the total impact of these systems is equivalent to saving over 1,500 barrels of oil, removing air pollution caused by driving 2.6 million miles, or avoiding emissions by recycling 225 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill. release.

“We are grateful to Pisgah Energy for helping us achieve another milestone in our sustainability journey,” said Andy Bray, president and CEO of Vanguard Furniture. “Disconnecting the equivalent energy consumption of 128 homes from the grid is significant and we are proud to support this important initiative.”

The main contractor was Pisgah Energy, which designed and installed the project using Mission Solar “Made in the USA” panels. According to Evan Becki, president and senior project developer at Pisgah Energy, “The addition of the Frame Plant 2 solar array truly illustrates Vanguard’s commitment to utilizing solar energy at its facilities. It’s an honor to work with a company so deeply committed to reducing its impact on the environment. We look forward to joining forces again in the future.