The National Center for Human Resources Development presents a study…

Amman – The National Center for Human Resources Development under the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) has published the eighth stage studies for various economic sectors for 2023-2025. This research aims to identify quantitative and qualitative gaps between supply and demand for each profession.اضافة اعلان

The research, supported and coordinated by the Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission and Sector Skills Councils, covers sectors such as tourism, food, drink and tobacco, jewellery, printing and packaging and motor vehicle maintenance and repair.

The arrangements are in line with the strategic growth drivers set out in the Economic Modernization Vision and are consistent with the National Human Resources Development Strategy 2016-2025, which highlights the need to develop and reform the vocational and technical education and training sector.

Professor Abdullah Ababneh, head of the center, emphasized the importance of this research in discovering the realities of the Jordanian labor market. The research provides insight into the employment opportunities available, the required job characteristics – including gender and disability issues – and the necessary skills and training for each profession. They also detail the number of graduates from education and training institutions by occupation.

Ababneh noted that this research is crucial for policymakers in developing employment training programs and for education and training institutions to adapt their academic plans to market needs.

This sectoral study, launched in 2013, is the first of its kind at both the national and Arab levels. They use a methodology of representative samples for each sector based on the latest sampling framework developed by the Department of Statistics. Data collection takes place at the provincial level in Jordan, and each sector survey is overseen by a technical committee representing both the supply and demand sides, as well as relevant institutions.

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