The new episode of the Chinese drama will be released this week (June 10).

This week (June 10-16, 2024), many popular Chinese dramas will release exciting new episodes. From the Chinese thriller series Double on a modern plot The story of the rose Many long-awaited series with funny plots will feature new episodes. Meanwhile, new programs such as Bad mood AND Phonex lands in the world are premiering this week. These shows fall into fantasy, romance, thriller and other genres and are intended for a diverse audience.

Here is the list of C-rated dramas that will air new episodes this week:

Doppelganger (episode 18–28)

Double – official trailer |  Wu Jinyan / Wang Xingyue |  TICK

The ongoing Chinese costume drama The Double starring Wu Jinyan AND Wang Xingyuewill air a total of 11 episodes this week. It tells the story of a woman named Fang Fei (Wu Jinyan) who is deceived and left for dead by her husband. Betrayed, she decides to commit suicide. In a twist of fate, she is saved by a nice woman named Jiang Li. After Jiang Li dies under unfortunate circumstances, Fang Fei takes her name and uses it as a disguise to take revenge for her. This week, viewers will witness Fang Fei outsmart his enemies and establish his own identity in the capital.

You can watch The Double all week long on Youku.

The Tale of the Rose (episode 8–21)

【Official Trailer】玫瑰故事 The Tale of Rose 首支官方预告 | 刘亦菲人生无畏爱够再说

Contemporary Chinese drama “The Tale of the Rose” with a popular actress Liu Yifei starring will air 14 episodes this week. It tells the story of Huang Yi Mei (Liu Yifei) who tries to find her identity after many heartbreaks. Her marriage is falling apart and her true love is also fading away. But instead of letting these misfortunes determine her fate, she takes control of her life and emerges stronger than before.

“The Tale of the Rose” is available to watch on Viki, Tencent Video and We TV.

Lost in the Shadows (Episodes 10–16)

Lost in the Shadows: A Suspenseful Drama by Zhang Songwen 看不见影子的少年 |  stay up to date | 预告 Trailer |  iQIYI

The ongoing thriller Chinese drama Lost in the Shadows will release its final season on June 15, 2024. It tells the story of an old policeman who investigates the strange case of a boy who disappeared many years ago. As he digs deeper, he uncovers layers and layers of mysteries involving murder, human trafficking and other heinous crimes.

Lost in the Shadows can be streamed on iQIYI.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact: The Story of the Fox 狐妖小红娘月红篇 |  stay up to date | 预告 Trailer |  iQIYI

Fox’s ongoing Chinese fantasy drama Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact will release its final episode of the day June 11, 2024. It tells the story of Tushan Hong Hong (Yang Mi), a fox spirit from the Tushan Fox Clan. He saves a human child named Dongfang Yue Chu (Gong Jun). As he grows up under her care, the duo falls in love. Moreover, they vow to eliminate all evil forces and embark on a journey to establish harmony between their clans.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact can be watched weekly on iQIYI.

Bad mood

【Official Trailer】Misfeeling (Chen Xinyu, Wu Junyu) |  translation |  ENGLISH SUBTITLES

This Chinese drama premiered on June 10, 2024. It is an adaptation of Shang Ju Jun’s web novel Zhang Xin You Ni Duo Huan Xi. It tells the story of a woman named Jiang Shiqian (Chen Xinyu) who is bullied and tortured. She undergoes a transformation that completely changes her appearance. Now he plans revenge on his persecutors.

Misfeeling can be watched on Tencent Video.

Additionally, Life After Life and Special Tasks will air their final episodes on June 10, 2024. Additionally, Pin Mao Ji, Teresa Teng, Xiao Shi De Ai Qing, Peace Brings Money, Play Dumb and Rich, Just In Time, Love Between Centuries, Flowers deception, Take Me Home, My Wife’s Double Life, The Last Hero, Year by Year, The Last Cook and Your Trap will have their weekly edition.